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Hi there! I am Cassily.

I am a designer and explorer who creates healthy lifestyles and delightful moments by delivering the honest and clean design of everyday products.  I style aesthetics;  I solve problems; I embrace new trends, I design with gratitude.

The process of exploring is magical and inspiring. I observe, study, and engage with the environment to figure things out. I love the uncertainty and ambiguity of every new circumstance, and I soak myself in every detail.

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As a design explorer, I believe design is an evolving conversation. I refuse to limit myself to only one style. Instead, I embrace diversity, drawing inspiration from various sources and experimenting with different techniques. 

My Inspiration?

(Images above are from online sourses and other artists, just as reference)


I find inspiration in the simplicity and beauty of nature, incorporating clean lines and a Scandinavian aesthetic to create designs that exude tranquility and elegance.


With a keen eye for modernity and a penchant for sleek, tech-inspired elements, I craft designs that reflect innovation and efficiency, meeting the demands of the digital age.


My creative spirit comes to life in designs that are playful, bursting with vibrant colors, and imbued with a touch of magic. These designs are a whimsical journey into a world of wonder.

My Honors & Awards

IDA Design Awards Gold Winner, 01.2024

Moodflow--Conceptual Products-Consumer Electronics

Lilies--Eco Design-Sustainable Home Products

Alskar--Home Furniture

IDA Design Awards Bronze Winner, 01.2024

Nouri--Conceptual Products-home Product Design

Lilies--Lighting Indoor


LIT Lighting Design Awards Honorable Mention, 11.2023

Lilies--Decorative Accent Lamps


Spark Design Awards Silver Winner, 07.2023

Moodflow-Spring Student Silver Winner

SIT Furniture Design Awards Winner, 04.2023

Alskar--Winner in Lounge Chair

NY Product Design Awards Silver Winner, 04.2023

Nouri--Designs for Social Impact


IDEA Design Awards Finalist, IDSA, 08.2023

Nouri-Winning Project

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