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Horizon X


Spring 2023-4 weeks

ArtCenter Class Project

Consumer Electronic+CMF Study Project

(*Student Project has no affiliation with FujiFilm*)

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Seamless and immersive experience while capturing photos on the move.

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AR Glasses 3.jpg

Fujifilm is a legendary Japanese brand of photo equipment and accessories. It was established in 1934 under the name Fuji Photo Film Co. Today is one of the most reputable and powerful companies in the industry.

AR Glasses 3.jpg

All in one AR glasses.

In collaboration with the legendary Japanese brand Fujifilm, Horizon X is poised to redefine the boundaries of photography and technology. by bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, infusing Fujifilm's storied legacy with groundbreaking technology.

Horizon X captures photos with built-in cameras, controls layout and color filters with hand gestures, voice commands, and taps, and receives real-time location-based information with GPS tracking and content delivery.

Concept Development.

AR Glasses 5.jpg

Concept: All In One Glasses.

AR Glasses 8.jpg

This is Horizon X.

AR Glasses 9.jpg

On/Off Button.


Built-in Cameras.

AR Glasses 10.jpg

Stylish and functional.

The design language of Fujifilm AR glasses is

cutting-edge and sleek, combining modern

aesthetics with revolutionary technology.

With clean lines and minimalistic elements that exude innovation,  a fashionable and sophisticated accessory has been created.

AR Glasses 11.jpg


Adjust Frame Ratio,
Capture Photos Like a Pro.

AR Glasses 12.jpg
AR Glasses 13.jpg


Pick Your Favorite Photo Filter,
Check Weather, Time, Sunset Time.


AR Glasses 14.jpg
AR Glasses 19.jpg

Adjust Hue,

Neon Night

AR Glasses 15.jpg


AR Glasses 16.jpg
AR Glasses 18.jpg
AR Glasses 17_edited.jpg

Sci-fi Studio.

Color Exploration.

AR Glasses 22.jpg


Simplicity, nature, warmth, serenity.

AR Glasses 23.jpg


Passion, Enthusiasm, boldness

AR Glasses 24.jpg


Neutrality, cleanliness, purity, minimalism

AR Glasses 25.jpg


Sophistication, Elegance, Sleekness, timeless 

AR Glasses 26.jpg


Calm, Coolness, timeless, tranquility.

Simplicity, nature, warmth, serenity.

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