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Spring 2023-3 weeks

ArtCenter Class Project

Wall Lamp +Illumination Design

Lilies is a wall lamp and a series of explorations to find the interplay between lighting, perspective, color, and texture.


Each lighting condition offers a unique perspective, allowing us to see the artwork in a new light and revealing new aspects of the piece.

The same piece of art can look entirely different depending on the lighting conditions and the angle from which it's viewed. This can evoke different moods, emotions, and impressions.

I created a shell with colored, textured surface. Bouncing light off the surface to create a softer, more diffused effect which highlights its colors and textures without creating too dramatic of a change.

Material Exploration.

I aim to create the shell with different materials.

The material can either be solid or translucent. Ideally, the effects will be different.

illu week 10.005.png

Healing, Inspiring, Engaging.

The two versions of the lamp, one made from 3D-printed TPU and the other from paper mache, offer distinct visual characteristics. The TPU version is translucent and flexible, creating a soft and diffused illumination when lit. In contrast, the paper mache version offers a rough and textured surface that can be colored or painted for customization. Both versions can be used separately or layered (TPU) or combined (mix and match) for a unique, creative wall lamp design.

illu week 10_edited.jpg


illu week 10.012.png
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