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The Manta

 By Cassily Zhao

Fall 2019-3 weeks 

ArtCenter Class Project 

Modeling Project

(has no direct affiliation with MantaRay Droid)

The Manta Is a wearable control that controls an existing task robot.


Designed For MantaRay Droid

Manta rays are known to be extremely efficient swimmers.

MantaRay Droid is an alternative solution to traditional propeller-based thrusters that are used by most autonomous underwater vehicles.”

The robot could be used for search and rescue operations, as well as to perform underwater surveys and inspections. It could even be deployed in swarms for faster, more efficient searches and surveys, according to the researchers.

By the National University of Singapore

Mood Board


Ideation Process: To find the one that fits the concept and meets the ergonomic standards.


The task of the manta controller

It controls the moving path of the droid, and it can set coordinates for the droid to carry out the missions. And then the robot can head to the destination and send back vision to the main monitor.

Modeling in SolidWorks  

W10 FINAL.jpg

The Manta Beauty Shots Gallery 

render 1_edited.jpg
render 2.jpg
render 5 detail.109.jpg
render 4.108.jpg
render 1.115.jpg
render 3b_edited.jpg
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